Wheels Through Time – The Museum that Runs

A consummate collection of over 250 rare antique American Motorcycles and Automobiles. Equally as astounding is the memorabilia collection that unites the “art of the motorcycle” with the generation of Americans that enjoyed a lifestyle peculiar to the “American Mainstream.”

Wheels Through Time Museum is proud to showcase the World of Women on Motorcycles. A historical perspective through the lenses of unknown photographers. Their images, the memories of loved ones and a few relics of our two wheel past are all that remain.

Wheels Through Time is now entering a new phase in it’s forward thinking motion. The Time Machine will be the name of our new web site to be launched 2006 in which you will be able to watch Dale work on his restoration projects in his private shop via live internet broadcast. Dale is currently working on restoring 17 rare and historically significant bikes to be raced by the Time Machine Race Team in 2006.