Haywood County Quilt Trail

The Haywood Quilt Trails project helps Haywood County find and tell our stories by featuring colorful and meaningful quilt squares installed on barns, public buildings, shops, and other appropriate buildings around the community.

Quilts represent a much-loved symbol of comfort, family,heritage, and community, and the blocks on the trail will provide new splashesof color†along major roads and in the rural countryside.†They Haywood County Quilt Trails (HCQT) project aims to engage the community by providing yet another reason to explore Haywood County and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Vibrant quilt†patterns are painted on pre-built wooden†squares ranging from†two feet to eight feet in size. Cultural and heritage lovers inside and outside the county will experience the fun of locating blocks along the trails and learning the wonderful stories behind site locations and the quilt patterns represented on the blocks.